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Presidents’ Resources

2012 Presidents’ Leadership Summit

October 15 & 16, 2012

Local communities, states, and our nation have seen enormous economic and community strife in recent years. Campus Compact believes that higher education offers the best possible solution to address many of these vexing challenges. Nearly all of our campuses are rooted in place. They are economic engines of their community, educate our workforce, and drive innovation. For more information

Other resources for member presidents:

We have also put together a comprehensive list of resources for presidents,which contains not only Campus Compact resources but also resources from other organizations.

Our commitment is grounded in the notion that higher education's purpose is inextricably linked to the public good. That at its best higher education creates an opportunity to develop global citizen leaders. Pennsylvania Campus Compact is a vibrant organization that offers resources and support to campuses who share this commitment."

-Jay Lemons, President, Susquehanna University